As individuals grow and develop, both personally and professionally, certain skills need to be acquired along the way that typically may not be apparent or readily attainable.  The gentle arts of etiquette, food, and wine appreciation may fall into this category.

Christine Ferguson, president of Prima Eventi, is an accomplished practitioner and trainer in both of these areas of elegance and taste.  Through personalized instruction and practice, Christine can explain and demonstrate the behaviors, practical knowledge, and benefits of refined etiquette and of food and wine appreciation.

Cooking Lessons

Cooking lessons can be done in the host’s kitchen, or in Christine’s kitchen. Classes are designed collaboratively with your group in mind.  Focus on your choice of hors d’oeuvre, dinners, brunches, holiday foods, vegetarian meals, healthful cooking, foods for a crowd, basic cooking skills, or any other culinary topic you and your guests would like to explore!  Cost is based on the number of participants and the menu chosen.

Wine Education

Tasting is the only way to learn.  Each person’s palate is as individual as a fingerprint, and a wine is only good if you like it!  Our wine education will help you learn how to taste, give you practice at tasting, and allow you to discover which characteristics of wine you like best.  You will gain a taste and style vocabulary that you can use to ask for wines that you enjoy or pick them out yourself in stores and restaurants.

Etiquette Training

Learn continental dining skills while enjoying a four course dining experience. Hands-on experiential training with a written curriculum allows each participant to learn new skills in a comfortable environment and provides the materials for home practice. Lessons are available for children as young at age 10, middle school students, college students and adults. Christine Ferguson taught the table top portion of the Fox Chapel Cotillion for five years, and has taught students at Carnegie Mellon University for many years. Private lessons are also available.

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